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Seen By Many LTD Privacy and Advertising Policy

  1. Introduction: Briefly introduce the purpose of the policy, outlining its scope in terms of user data protection, adherence to advertising standards, and commitment to ethical practices.

  2. Data Collection and Use: Describe the types of data collected (e.g., personal information, usage data, cookies), how it is collected (e.g., forms, website analytics), and the purpose of data collection. Ensure compliance with the UK Data Protection Act and GDPR.

  3. User Consent and Rights: Outline how users give consent for data collection and their rights regarding data access, correction, deletion, and portability, in line with UK data protection laws.

  4. Data Sharing and Disclosure: Explain the circumstances under which data might be shared with third parties, ensuring transparency and compliance with UK laws.

  5. Data Security and Retention: Detail the measures taken to protect user data and the duration for which data is retained.

  6. Ad Content and Standards Compliance: Include a section dedicated to the standards for ad content, referencing Facebook's guidelines and UK advertising standards (such as those from the Advertising Standards Authority). This should cover prohibited and restricted content, accuracy, and honesty in advertising.

  7. Landing Page Requirements: Following Facebook's guidelines, describe the requirements for functional and relevant landing pages, including user experience considerations.

  8. Prohibited Practices in Advertising: Clearly state the practices that are prohibited in advertising, such as misleading claims, promoting banned products, and infringing on intellectual property rights.

  9. Compliance with Local and International Laws: Emphasize adherence to both UK laws (like the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations) and international standards in advertising and data protection.

  10. Policy Updates and User Notification: Outline how the policy will be updated and how users will be informed about these updates.

  11. Contact Information and Complaints: Provide contact details for users to get in touch regarding privacy concerns or complaints, and outline the process for handling these.

  12. Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Policy: Include a section where users acknowledge and accept the terms of the policy.

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